Create Approval Process for Employees to Acknowledge Shifts

  1. Create an Acknowledge Field on Shift Object.
    1. Open ‘Setup’ and go to ‘Build’ -> ‘Create’ -> ‘Objects’ and click on ‘Shift’.
    2. Under ‘Custom Fields & Relationships’ click on ‘New’.
    3. Select ‘Checkbox’ and click ‘Next’.
    4. Enter a label (e.g. ‘Acknowledged’) and click ‘Next’.
    5. Select which profiles can edit or read-only the new field and click ‘Next’.
    6. Select to which layouts to add the new field and click ‘Save’.
  1. Create an Approval Process where the employee will approve to acknowledge the shift.
    1. Open ‘Setup’ and go to ‘Build’ -> ‘Create’ -> ‘Workflow & Approvals’ -> ‘Approval Processes’.
    2. In ‘Manage Approval Processes For’ combo-box select ‘Shift’.
    3. Click on ‘Create New Approval Process’ and select ‘Use Jump Start Wizard’ and do the following:
      • Enter a name for the approval process (e.g. ‘Acknowledge Shift’).
      • Under ‘Specify Entry Criteria’ add one criterion – Status equals Published (you can use the magnifying glass to select the status value). Which means only published shifts can be submitted for approval.
      • Under ‘Select Approver’ select ‘Automatically assign to approver(s).’ and then select ‘Related User’ and ‘Owner’.
      • Click on ‘Save’.
      • Click on ‘View Approval Process Details Page’.
        Acknowledge Shifts
    4. Add fields to show on the notification to the employee.
      • Click on ‘Edit’ button (not one of the edit links) and select ‘Notification Templates’.
      • Click on ‘Create a new post template’.
      • Select ‘Shift’ and click ‘Next’.
      • Enter a name (e.g. ‘Acknowledge Post Notification’).
      • Add the field you would like the employee to see in the notification to the ‘Selected Fields’ column (up to 4 fields).
      • Click ‘Save’.
      • Go back to the approval process (to do so open ‘Setup’ and go to ‘Build’ -> ‘Create’ -> ‘Workflow & Approvals’ -> ‘Approval Processes’, select ‘Shift’ and click on the approval process you’ve created).
      • Click on ‘Edit’ button (not one of the edit links) and select ‘Notification Templates’.
      • Next to ‘Approval Post Template’ click on the magnifying glass and select the template you’ve created.
      • Click ‘Save’.
    5. Add approval step to check the ‘Acknowledged’ checkbox.
      • Under ‘Approval Steps’ click on ‘Show Actions’.
      • Click on ‘Add New’ next to ‘Approval Actions’ and select ‘Field Update’.
      • Enter a name for the step (e.g. ‘Check Acknowledged’).
      • Under ‘Field to Update’ select the checkbox field you’ve created in section 1.
      • Under ‘Checkbox Options’ select ‘True’.
      • Click ‘Save’.
    6. Under ‘Final Approval Actions’ click on ‘Edit’. Select ‘Unlock the record for editing’ and click ‘Save’.
    7. Click ‘Activate’ and click ‘OK’.
  1. Create a process via Process Builder to automatically submit published shifts for acknowledgement.
    1. Open ‘Setup’ -> ‘Create’ -> ‘Workflow & Approvals’ -> ‘Process Builder’.
    2. Click ‘New’ and enter a name (e.g. ‘Submit for Acknowledgement’).
    3. Click ‘Save’.
    4. Click on ‘Add Object’ and set the following:
      • Select the ‘Shift’ object.
      • Set the process to start ‘when a record is created or edited’.
      • Click ‘Save’.
    5. Click on ‘Add Criteria’ and set the following:
      • Enter a name for the criteria (e.g. ‘When a Shift was Published’).
      • Under ‘Set Conditions’ set these 2 conditions:
        Field Operator Type Value
        [CKSW_BASE__Shift__c].CKSW_BASE__Status__c Is changed Boolean True
        [CKSW_BASE__Shift__c].CKSW_BASE__Status__c Equals Pick-list Published
      •  Click ‘Save’.
    6. Click ‘Add Action’ and set the following:
      • Select ‘Submit for Approval’ action type.
      • Enter a name (e.g. ‘Submit for Acknowledgement’).
      • Under ‘Approval Process’ select ‘Specific approval process’ and then start typing in the textbox the name of the Approval Process you created in section 2 and select it (if you used the same names as in this tutorial it will be ‘Acknowledge Shift – Acknowledge Shift’).
      • Click ‘Save’.
    7. Click ‘Activate’.