The following is a guide on how to use the Team Absence feature to create a public holiday in the Expert Apps.
(The screen shots are taken from the FieldExpert app, but the same steps applies for ShiftExpert as well)

The ‘Team Absence’ feature that was part of our Summer ’15 release can be used to create non-availability times for a complete unit (or the complete company) in three simple steps.

In this guide we will create team absence for Christmas for the whole company


  1. Creating a Team

The first step is to create a Team record. In the next steps we will add members to this this. (If you have already created this team in the past, you can move on to the next step).

  1. Add the ‘Team’ tab to your available tabs (if it is already visible to you, skip to step 1.1.3):
    1. Click on the ‘+’ sign in your tabs pane to modify your tabs list.Team Absence SC1
    2. Click on ‘Customize my Tabs’ on the right.Team Absence SC2
    3. From the Customize My Tabs screen ,find the ‘Teams’ tab in the ‘available tabs box’ and move it to the ‘selected tabs box’. Team Absence SC3Click ‘save’.
  2. You should now see the ‘Teams’ tab in your tabs pane.

    Team Absence SC4
  3. Click on the ‘Teams’ tab to go to the Teams home page.
  4. Click on ‘New’.Team Absence SC5
  5. Name your team and save.Team Absence SC6
  1. Adding Team members
    1. From the team record you have just created, open the chatter feed and click on the ‘Add Members’ chatter action.Team Absence SC7
      1. Filter your resources either by a specific location or by a specific attribute of your resources (all the Boolean fields from the resource object can be used for this filter), or just (as in our case) select all the resource at once.
      2. Next, if needed, select the relevant effective dates for the team. This is useful for cases of ad-hoc teams, such as ‘our 2015 Dreamforce delegation’.
      3. Finally, click on ‘Add Members’ button.
      4. Under the Team record you will find the ‘Resource Teams’ related list showing the list of members (you may need to edit the page layout to add this related list).Team Absence SC8



  1. Creating Team Absence
  1. From the ‘Team Absence’ related list under the team record click on “New” (you may need to edit the page layout to add this related list).Team Absence SC9
  2. Edit the Team Absence record to meet your needs and hit save.Team Absence SC10
  3. In the ‘Employee Absence’ related list under the Team Absence record you would be able to see the newly created individual absences created for each member of the team (you may need to add this related list through the page layout editor).Team Absence SC11
  4. The Employee absences will be displayed on the Gantt as well.Team Absence SC12