We are pleased to announce the availability of ShiftExpert Summer ’16! :)

In this release we focused on system stability and improving ShiftExpert UX:

1) TLS 1.1 support.
2) Change Status, Publish, Unassign and Delete bulk actions are now done in batches.
3) New Gantt setting to disable  rule validation in the UI (to increase performance when loading many shifts to the gantt).
4) Shift Recurrence, Rotate Pattern and Copy Shifts wizards datlight-saving-time fix.
5) Time Clock action fix when there’s no active timesheet for the user.
6) Swap Request fix to not allow swapping a shift which had already began.
7) Demand Chart UI fixes:
– Re-render demand chart when resizing the window.
– Change color to close button to make it noticeable.
– Disable Actions, Options and Display Options buttons while the Demand Coverage chart is shown.


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