We are pleased to announce the availability of ShiftExpert Winter ’17! :)

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ShiftExpert Winter ’17 ShiftExpert Winter ’17

New Features

1) Automatic Shift Scheduling

Allows the user to select time domain and locations (similar to ‘Bulk Action’ \ ‘Publish Shifts’ actions) and automatically schedule either all shifts or only unassigned shifts.Selection_069                  Selection_072

2) Background Jobs

Configure agents which will run ‘Smart Assign’, ‘Shift Structure Optimization’ or ‘ Automatic Shift Scheduling’ at a specific time or in a recurring fashion.Selection_070

3) Sort Resource Rows by a Resource Field

Sort  resource rows by ascending or descending order according to a specific field of the Resource object. This can be configured in ‘ShiftExpert Settings’ page.Selection_007Selection_008


* Showing the new settings might require resetting the settings to defaults.

4) Draw Preference Calendars on Gantt

Similar to one-time preference requests, Preference Calendars will be marked on the Gantt in green-white stripes.Selection_010* Preference Calendars are not supported in Smart Assign.


1) Fixed an issue where a dragging a shift template with start time hours same as finish time hours, e.g. start: 4:00 finish: 4:30, would create shift longer than 24 hours.
2) Fixed an issue where geolocation was not always being captured when doing clock reports.
3) Fixed an issue where shift lightbox didn’t open in communities.
4) Fixed an issue where creating pattern for a position in specific location would create it for all locations.
5) Fixed an issue where ‘ShiftExpert Settings’ wouldn’t open after installing ShiftExpert on an org where FSL (FieldExpert) was already installed.
6) Fixed an issue where the shift filtering UI would break if there were too many shift statuses.
7) Fixed an issue where skill filtering didn’t function well for a skill which had ‘, ‘ in its name, e.g. ‘Cashier, front desk’.
8) Fixed an issue where sorting by distance in Shift Lighbox would show the furthest first instead of the nearest.
9) Fixed an issue where after a shift update, the shift’s tooltip didn’t show custom fields.
10) Fixed an issue where the shift’s breaks won’t show in the UI if the Gantt Label field wasn’t blank.
11) Fixed an issue where clicking ‘Reset Settings’ then editing them didn’t save the changes in ShiftExpert settings.
12) Fixed an issue where creating a shift with status ‘Published’ when synchronize to Salesforce calendar was on populated the ‘Related to’ field on the created event instead of the ‘Shift’ field.