FAQ and Troubleshooting

Where can I add the parts required for defined service types?

Required parts are managed in Service Type object. In order to manage the parts associated with a service, you need to access FieldExpert Admin and select “Service Type” Tab. After selecting the relevant Service Type, you need to click on the “New Service Type Required Prodcuts” button, and fill-in from the Lookup the Product with […]

What is Scheduling Policy and when shall I use it?

A Scheduling Policy is an assembly of rules and objectives: * Rules define what resources will be considered candidates to a specific service. – For example “Match Location rule” defines that only resources using the same location as the service will be considered for scheduling. * Objectives define how to prioritize eligible resources as candidates […]

How can I make a change in the Status dictionary?

The Status dictionary settings should be used if you would like to make changes to the Status Picklist field on the Service object and fill-in different status values. Then you can use the dictionary mapping tool to specify the behavior for each picklist entry. You can read more about this option Here .

How are Time zones displayed and configured over the Gantt?

The Gantt shows the time according to the user who is viewing it. In order to manage the display of the hours over the Gantt properly, you need to access the user settings and change the user’s time zone to match with the Location your user is affiliated with. The display of the hours over […]

How to define the FieldExpert mobile app?

Salesforce1 mobile application is available for downloading from Itunes or Google Play. To define and start using it, you need to go to Setup – Mobile Navigation and specify the tabs which will be visibile.

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