"How To" Video Clips and User Guide

How To Configure FieldExpert Break Scheduling

As of  Winter ’16 version, FieldExpert supports automatic break creation in every scheduling process. (up until Winter ’16 automatic break creation was supported only for the optimization process).   The logic behind this automation is configured in the ‘Resource Availability’ Work Rule. There are 2 fields that controls the behavior of the break scheduling: Break […]

How to Activate Excluded Resources

Quickly exclude specific employees from being candidates for a service. You can now automate flows to add excluded employees based on customer preference or an employee who declined to perform a specific service.     Excluded Resources – Implementation Overview   Follow these steps to implement this feature in your org: Add the ‘excluded resource’ […]

How to Activate Persona Based Business Flows

Configure status transition flows for the different profiles in your organization. For instance, you can allow managers to cancel a service, while the field employees will not have this option.   Persona Based Business Flows – Implementation Overview Follow these steps to implement this feature in your org: Specify the complete list of available service […]

How to activate Skill Levels

You can now control when work is assigned to your highly skilled employees first or let the scheduling logic select the less skilled (while still meeting the service requirements) so that you save the top performers for those difficult jobs. Easily rank your resources’ skill levels and specify the level required for each service type […]

How to activate Contractors Capacity Based Scheduling

Now you can easily assign jobs to your 3rd party workforce based on their daily, weekly and/or monthly capacity! Define any resource as a contractor, fill in the capacity with a beautiful new UI and schedule away. This allows great visibility of how you are utilizing your contractors.         Contractors capacity based […]

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