Installation and Deployment

Installation Guide – Introduction

In this guide we provide the user with a short yet clear description of the installation process around FieldExpert. The process entails installation of product packages, setting-up users and permissions, configuring layout and other initial steps that are essential for the solution setup. As part of this guide you can find the following chapters: Chapter […]

Installation Guide – Install FieldExpert Packages

For Installation guide introduction use the following link: Installation Guide – Introduction   As the first initial step before we install the packages, we would like to create the relevant profiles that will be available at the time of installation. In order to do so, you need to check which Salesforce licenses you have in order […]

Installation Guide – Setting-up FieldExpert Users

Previous step: Installation Guide – Install FieldExpert Packages   Every user in the system should be assigned with a Profile, Permission Set and License. Note: Every user must have a matching Profile and Permission Set (e.g. Employee profile and Employee permission set). This way the layout and permissions are configured correctly.   Attach Profile and additional […]

Installation Guide – Creating an Approval Process for Employee Absence Requests

Previous step: Installation Guide – Setting-up FieldExpert Users Before creating an approval process for Employee Absence requests we need to create a new queue. This queue will allow different people to approve the requests according to your business processes.   Creating a Queue for Request Approval Go to the Setup menu -> Manage Users -> Queues -> […]

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