User’s Guide

About the User’s Guide

The FieldExpert User’s Guide provides an overview of FieldExpert, emphasizing its unique functionality. This guide familiarizes you with the user-friendly interface and functions of FieldExpert. It will help you use all aspects of FieldExpert so that you use the system in the best and most optimized way. You will be able to meet your scheduling […]

1.1 Introduction – Client Overview

Previous chapter: About the User’s Guide   FieldExpert app includes the FieldExpert tab which is the main working space for the Planner. It contains the Services list, the resources Gantt, the Map and some additional features. Additional Salesforce tabs exist in order to create, edit or delete objects (such as Accounts, Services, Locations etc). It […]

1.2 Introduction – The Service List, Filters and Actions

Previous chapter: 1.1 Introduction – Client Overview   The Service list is located on the left side of the FieldExpert view. The Services seen on this list are directly related to the Scheduling Horizon and the Filters.   1. Scheduling Horizon The Scheduling Horizon takes into account the selected date properties and will show the […]

1.3 Introduction – The Gantt

Previous chapter: 1.2 Introduction – The Service List, Filters and Actions   The Resources Gantt is located on the right side of the FieldExpert view. 1. Gantt Settings for Users The Gantt layout can be configured by going to Options -> Gantt Settings The available settings are: Daily view hours – Set the visible hours on […]

1.4 Introduction – The Map

Previous chapter: 1.3 Introduction – The Gantt   By opening the Map view you can see all the resources’ homebases, assigned services and live positions. It is possible to see one or more items by selecting the necessary checkboxes underneath the map. To see only one of the resources, select the necessary resource in the […]

1.5 Introduction – Performing a Search

Previous chapter: 1.4 Introduction – The Map   FieldExpert app offers search options on both Service list and Resource list.   Search on the Service list To search for a service in the Service list at least 2 characters need to be entered into the Service list search box: The search process takes into account […]

1.6 Introduction – Keyboard Shortcuts

Previous chapter: 1.5 Introduction – Performing a Search   FieldExpert offers some keyboard shortcuts to ease the daily use.   Navigating on the Gantt Using the Up/Down arrows – scrolls the Gantt up and down Using the Right/Left arrows – moves the Gantt display 1 day backwards and forward   Gantt Resolution In order to […]

2.1 Managing Services – Booking Appointments

Previous chapter: 1.6 Introduction – Keyboard Shortcuts   FieldExpert allows a customer service representative to book a new service appointment for a customer. To book an appointment, follow the steps below: Go to the Accounts tab and select the account name which you would like to offer an appointment to. In the Chatter view select […]

2.2 Managing Services – Rescheduling an Appointment

Previous chapter: 2.1 Managing Services – Booking Appointments   Once an appointment is booked, it can be rescheduled from within the specific service. Open the service to which the appointment is scheduled (from the Services tab or the FieldExpert view) In the Chatter view select the Book Appointment action Select the Reschedule option Click on […]

2.3 Managing Services – Create a New Service

Previous chapter: 2.2 Managing Services – Rescheduling an Appointment   Creating a new Service can be done from several locations: FieldExpert view Services tab From within an Account When creating a new service the Service Type field is mandatory. The Service Duration is taken from the Service Type as a default value. If a different […]

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