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The administrator can configure the general logic settings that will be used in the FieldExpert scheduling services.

In order to access the Logic Settings:

  • Open the FieldExpert Admin from the drop down menu on the right upper corner


  • Open the Settings tab and click on Logic



General Logic Settings


The available settings are:

  • Related services – schedule all or nothing – When enabled, the system will prevent a chain of related services (with dependencies between them) to be scheduled separately. It will only be possible to schedule such a chain as a whole unit.
  • Set availability based on shifts – When enabled, the resource availability will be based on the Shift object rather than the Calendar object. In particular, this configuration is meant to serve as solutions that utilize the ShiftExpert app along with the FieldExpert app.
  • Default resource travel speed – This parameter is the default travel speed of a resource in case that no travel is defined. The default value is 15 and can be changed when necessary. A change in the default speed will affect the travel time between services accordingly.
  • Travel Speed Unit – This parameter is the travel unit that will be used. The default unit is in Miles but can be changed to KM.
  • Get Candidates \ Appointment Booking max interval (Days) – This parameter sets the maximum amount of days possible to request an appointment or get candidates. Increasing the parameter’s value significantly may result in lowering performance.


Optimization as a Service


  • Pinned statuses – This configuration defines which service statuses are not eligible for optimization (i.e. A service with a status that is listed here will not take part in the optimization process). Typically services should receive a status that will be considered as ‘pinned’ status when their schedule should not change during the optimization process.


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