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An objective implements a goal or target of scheduling. Each objective returns a grade, or score, for proposed services. When a service is scheduled, the logic services (Schedule action or Optimization functionality) attempt to optimize the schedule by selecting the services with the highest grades.

Some objectives of a typical service organization might be:

  • Try to assign each service to one of the resources listed as a preferred resource for the service
  • Try to schedule each service as soon as possible
  • Try to minimize the travel time of resources between services

The first of these objectives would return a higher grade for services involving resources who are listed in the service Preferred Resources related list. The second and third objectives would return higher grades for services at earlier times and for services that are located closer to other services of the same resource.

FieldExpert computes a combined objective, which is a weighted sum (linear combination) of grades that it obtains from the individual objectives. When you add objectives to the scheduling policy, you must specify their weights in the combined objective. If completing services on time is more important than minimizing travel time, then you might assign weights of 10 and 5 to the two objectives, respectively.

The FieldExpert scheduling functionality (Schedule action) uses objectives to guide the service creation. As the services are being created, it attempts to select the services with the best objective grades.

Optionally, the optimization process can use objectives in an additional way. It can use certain objectives to evaluate a completed schedule and compare it to other proposed schedules.


Service Objectives Types

Following are the available service objectives record types that currently can be used in FieldExpert:

  • ASAP – Schedule the service as soon as possible
  • Minimize Travel – Minimize the travel time between services
  • Preferred Resource – Prioritize scheduling according to preferred resource

These objectives can be added or removed from a scheduling policy whereas the objectives parameters cannot be changed.


Creating a new Service Objective

In order to create a new service objective, follow the steps below:

  • Open the FieldExpert Admin from the drop down menu on the right upper corner


  • Open the Service Objectives tab and click on New


  • Select the objective type from the FieldExpert set of objectives (see above for the types definitions) and click on Continue


  • Update the Service Objective Name
  • Click Save or Save & New if you would like to create an additional Service Objective


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