The FieldExpert Administrator’s Guide is intended for administrators of the FieldExpert application. This guide familiarizes you with all administrative aspects, so that you can administer and maintain the system to meet your scheduling needs.

After installing FieldExpert, you can start to configure your org with business information.

The data used in this guide is for demo purposes and you can use it or create your own data.

This guide is for users installing the system on an existing org environment and is not intended for trial users as there is no preconfigured data.

This guide contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1, Client Settings for Admin – provides instructions for configuring the user settings for FieldExpert users and administrate the Planner actions and controls.

Chapter 2, The Application Logic – provides information and instructions enabling you to modify your application’s logic, including Working Rules, Service Objectives and Scheduling Policies.

Chapter 3, Background Jobs – provides information and instructions for working with the Background Jobs, enabling you to control various aspects of the application’s automation, such as chatter reminders and automating dispatching.

Chapter 4, Service Life Cycle – provides information regarding the service life cycle, including status definitions, status transitions, drip-feed settings and pinned statuses.

Chapter 5, Appointment Booking – provides information regarding the Appointment Booking settings, including Appointment profiles, settings and derivations.

Chapter 6, Trigger Settings – provides information on the available triggers in the system.

Chapter 7, Service Types – provides information and instructions for creating and configuring Service Types and their set of properties.

Chapter 8, Resource Skills – provides instructions on how to manage the resources skill-set.

Chapter 9, User Location Sharing Rules – provides information and instructions how to set the user location sharing for the planners.