The ability to control the scheduling and opimization mechanism to in-favor close location employee is derived from Scheduling Policy and “Minimize Travel” objective.

First, we need to add the “Minimize Travel” objective to the solution configuration:
1. In FieldExpert Admin go to “Service Objectives” tab. If you don’t have a “Minimize Travel” objective, click on “New Service Objective” then select “Minimize Travel” and continue. Give it a name and click Save.
2. In FieldExpert Admin go to “Scheduling Policies” and select the policy you are using to schedule services. Under “Scheduling Policy Objectives” look for “Minimize Travel” objective. If you just created it click on “New Scheduling Policy Objective” select the one you created and enter “Weight” value for the objective.

Once the Scheduling Policy has a “Minimize Travel” objective it will take into consideration how close are the employees to the service.
a great way to check the grades of employees for a selected service is by clicking “Candidates” button. It will show how the system graded each employee to do the service from 1 to 100. If you only configure the “Minimize Travel” in the Scheduling Policy then the employee who got grade 100/100 is the closest.