Now you can easily assign jobs to your 3rd party workforce based on their daily, weekly and/or monthly capacity! Define any resource as a contractor, fill in the capacity with a beautiful new UI and schedule away. This allows great visibility of how you are utilizing your contractors.






Contractors capacity based scheduling – Implementation Overview

Follow these steps to implement this feature in your org:

  1. Setup a resource as a contractor.
  2. Specify the capacity of work this contractor can perform in different time intervals.
  3. Fine tune your company scheduling policies to prefer assigning work to contractors or your internal resources.
  4. Enable the feature in the FieldExpert Setting tab.


  1. Implementing Capacity based scheduling in your org

    1. Setup a resource as a contractor
      1. Modify the resource page layout
        1. Add the ‘Contractor’ checkbox field.
        2. Add vf078_CapacityCalendar Visualforce Page to your layout.
          1. Add a new section – “Contractor Capacity”.
          2. Set the height to 500px.
            resource layout
      2. Insert Required information
        1. Tick the ‘Contractor’ checkbox field to indicate this resource is a contractor.
        2. Specify the home base geolocation details of the contractor for travel calculations.
        3. Select the location/s where this contractor operates by populating the ‘Location’ lookup field (and optionally by using the ‘Working Locations’ related list if the contractor is operating in more than one location.)
        4. Specify the relevant skills and skill levels for the contractor using the skills section.
        5. Specify the relevant working hours for the contractor using the Resource Calendars related list.
    2. Update Capacity
      1. Using the Contractor Capacity page you have added in a previous step, enter capacity for this contractor
        1. Select the month.
        2. Drag to select the date range.
        3. Enter Capacity in hours and optionally in number of allowed jobs.
        4. Select if you wish to create ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’ or ‘Monthly’ capacity records.
        5. Save.Capacity input component
    3. Prefer Contractor/Resource Objective
      A new Objective allows you to configure your preference:

      1. Create the ‘Prefer contractor resource’ objective –
        1. Go to the ‘Service Objective’ tab and click on ‘New’.
        2. Select the ‘Prefer Contractor Resource’ record type from the drop down menu (you may need first to add the permission to create this record type in your user profile settings).
        3. Name your new objective record – e.g ‘Contractor Preference’capacity objective
        4. Use the ‘Prefer Contractor’ checkbox field to indicate your scheduling preferences (you may need to add this field to the layout first):objective table
    4. Enable the ‘Capacity based scheduling’ feature
      1. To enable contractor support you’ll have to go to FieldExpert Settings->Logic, turn the setting on and set the default 1st day of the week:Capacity Logic Settings
      2. If you want to support different 1st day of the week for your various locations you go to your locations record and edit accordingly:Location first day of week



Once enabled some new features will be available:

  1. Resources who have the CKSW_BASE__Contractor__c field set to true will now look different on the Gantt.
    A small badge will be added to their picture and a different background color appears on their row:contractors badge
  2. Resource info box will now contain details regarding weekly and monthly capacity (if one exists in current viewable dates):contractors lightbox
  3. You can set the capacity duration type you want to see on the Gantt from Options->Gantt Settings. The options are None, Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Currently you can only work in one specific mode.
  4. Once a new capacity is created, updated or deleted the UI will be automatically updated to reflect the change in capacity.
  5. Dragging a service to capacity will update the Hours Used field on all the capacities it overlaps.
  6. Double clicking on a capacity will open the info box showing all services related to this capacity. You can unschedule them one by one or all together, flag and comment using chatter.
  7. Service list now offers a new filter option called ‘contractors’.
  8. ‘Show on Gantt’ button will trigger the effect on the capacity record.
  9. Bulk actions – A new checkbox field is added to the ‘Unschedule’ and ‘Change Status’ actions – ‘Include services assigned to contractors’.
  10. Gantt travel KPI does not calculate services assigned to contractors.
  11. Capacity bar on the Gantt gets darker as it being filled, and when over capacity is reached it will be colored in red.
  12. You can’t drag services to a contractor when there is no capacity.




Contractors capacity based scheduling – OAAS limitations

While capacity records can be created in daily, weekly and/or monthly time intervals, FieldExpert Optimization supports only daily capacities

(our roadmap includes adding support for weekly and monthly capacities in the coming releases).