Quickly exclude specific employees from being candidates for a service. You can now automate flows to add excluded employees based on customer preference or an employee who declined to perform a specific service.

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Excluded Resources – Implementation Overview


Follow these steps to implement this feature in your org:

  1. Add the ‘excluded resource’ related list to your page layouts.
  2. Tune your company scheduling policies to ensure work is not assigned to excluded resources.


Implementing Persona Based Business Flows in your org



  1. New ‘Excluded Resource’ related list under the service object:To exclude a resource from a specific service add him/her to the ‘Excluded resource’ related list:Excluded Related list
    1. If you are installing FieldExpert for the 1st time, the ‘Excluded Resources’ related list will be available for you in the ‘FieldExpert – Service layout’. Make sure your relevant users profiles are assigned with this page layout.
    2. If you are upgrading from a previous FieldExpert version you will need to add the ‘Excluded Resources’ related list to your relevant page layouts on the Service objects.
  2. Add the Excluded Resource Work Rule to your scheduling policies
    a new ‘Excluded Resource’ work rule record type was created to support the logic needed. Create this rule and add it to the relevant scheduling policies.

      1. Create the ‘Excluded Resource’ rule –
        1. Go to the ‘Work Rules’ tab and click on ‘New’.
        2. Select the ‘Excluded Resource’ record type from the drop down menu (you may need to first add the permission to create this record type in your user profile settings).
        3. Name your new rule record – e.g ‘Excluded Resource’.

          excluded rule record type

      2. Add this rule to your scheduling policies –


Excluded in scheduling policy