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You can now control when work is assigned to your highly skilled employees first or let the scheduling logic select the less skilled (while still meeting the service requirements) so that you save the top performers for those difficult jobs.

Easily rank your resources’ skill levels and specify the level required for each service type or service record.

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Skill levels – Implementation Overview

Follow these steps to implement this feature in your org:

  1. Specify Skills and Skill levels for your resources and service types as needed.
  2. Tune your company scheduling policies to ensure work is assigned smartly by considering these skills and skill levels.

Implementing Skill Levels in your org

  1. Assigning Skills and Skill Levels to Resources / Service Types / Services:
    You can assign skills and skill levels to resources, service types or services using a new VisualForce page we introduced in FieldExpert Winter ’16:
    VF PAGE - Resource
    VF PAGE - serviceType and Service

    1. If  you are installing FieldExpert for the 1st time, these new components will be available for you in the following page layouts:
      1. Resource object: ‘FieldExpert – Resource Layout’.
      2. Service Type object: ‘FieldExpert – Service Type Layout’.
      3. Service object: ‘FieldExpert – Service Layout’.

        Make sure your relevant users profiles are assigned with these layouts

    2. If you are upgrading from a previous FieldExpert version you will need to add the following VisualForce pages to your page layouts on the Resource, Service Types and/or Service objects. Please see appendix I for instructions.
  2. Add Rules and Objectives to your scheduling policies:
    A new ‘Match skill level’ property has been added to the ‘Match Skill’ work rule and a new ‘Skill Level’ Service Objective record type was created to support the logic needed. Configure this rule and this objective and add them to the relevant scheduling policies.

    1. ‘Match Skill’ work rule –
      Tick the ‘Match skill level’ new checkbox field in your ‘Match skill’ rule to filter out resources that their skill level is lower than what is specified on the Service record you are scheduling. (You may need to first add this new checkbox field to your page layout).
    2. ‘Skill Level’ service objective –
      A new Objective allows you to configure your preference:

      1. Create the ‘Skill Level’ objective –
        1. Go to the ‘Service Objective’ tab and click on ‘New’.
        2. Select the ‘Skill Level’ record type from the drop down menu (you may need first to add the permission to create this record type in your user profile settings).
        3. Name your new objective record – e.g. ‘skill Level’Skill level record type
      2. Use the ‘Prioritize Resource’  picklist field to indicate your scheduling preferences (you may need to add this field to the layout first):
        prioritize skills



APPENDIX:    add skill selection Visualforce pages to your page layouts


  1. Modify the Resource page layout
    1. Add vf034_Skill_Selector_V2_Resource_Page Visualforce Page to your layout.
      1. Add a new section – “Skills”.
      2. Set the height to 500px.Resource page layout editor
  2. Modify the Service Type page layout
    1. Add vf036_Skill_Selector_V2_ServiceType_Page Visualforce Page to your layout.
      1. Add a new section – “Skills”.
      2. Set the height to 500px.
  3. Modify the Service page layout
    1. Add vf035_Skill_Selector_V2_Service_Page Visualforce Page to your layout.
      1. Add a new section – “Skills”.
      2. Set the height to 500px.