In this guide we provide the user with a short yet clear description of the installation process around FieldExpert. The process entails installation of product packages, setting-up users and permissions, configuring layout and other initial steps that are essential for the solution setup.

As part of this guide you can find the following chapters:

Chapter 1, Installation of FieldExpert Package – includes the necessary steps to installs the 2 main packages of the product: ClickBase and FieldExpert, together with user’s profile setup.

Chapter 2, Setting-up new users – includes the relevant steps associated with users: setting user’s attributes, permission sets, grant licenses,  assigning layouts to set of objects, configuring Publisher action and last adding FieldExpert to mobile navigation view.

Chapter 3, Creating approval process – the last chapter in this guide that goes through approval process creation for few scenarios: Request approval process, Managers approval process, Queue approval process and last Approved and Rejected responses.


Eager to start? Let’s start with the first step: Installation Guide –  Install FieldExpert Packages