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Every user in the system should be assigned with a Profile, Permission Set and License.

Note: Every user must have a matching Profile and Permission Set (e.g. Employee profile and Employee permission set). This way the layout and permissions are configured correctly.


Attach Profile and additional settings

  • Go to the Setup menu -> Manage Users -> Users
  • Either create a new user or edit an existing one for which a profile needs to be assigned
  • User License field: Salesforce or Salesforce Platform (depending on which profile you created)
  • Profile field: assign the necessary profile (e.g. FieldExpert Employee for a field resource user)


  • Approver Settings: Each employee’s time off request is sent to their Manager which is configured in this field. If a manager is not configured, their requests will be emailed to a configured queue (for more details see ‘Creating an Approval Process’ below)
  • Locale Settings: Choose the appropriate Time Zone for your location
  • Save the changes
  • Repeat the above for all the users that need to be configured in the system with a profile


Attach Permission Sets

  • Go to the Setup menu -> Manage Users -> Permission Sets
  • Open one of the permission sets we provide (ClickBase Employee, ClickBase Planner and ClickBase Administrator) -> Manage Assignments

  • Add Assignments -> Select the users to whom you would like to give the permission set, and click Assign -> then Done
  • Now you will be able to see the users you have assigned:

  • Repeat the above for all the necessary Permission Sets (ClickBase Employee, ClickBase Planner and ClickBase Administrator)


Grant FieldExpert License

  • Go to the Setup menu -> App Setup -> Installed Packages
  • Click on the Manage Licenses next to FieldExpert package -> Add Users
  • Select all the users you would like to give license to and press Add (alternatively you can press Add All Users to add all the user in one click)


Assign FieldExpert layout to objects

As FieldExpert Admin, we need to assign the app layout to a set of objects (e.g. standard and custom).

  • Go to the Setup menu -> Manage Users -> Profiles
  • Open the FieldExpert Admin profile
  • Under the Page Layout section find the Account object and click on [View Assignment]
  • Click on the Edit Assignment -> select all the FieldExpert profiles (use the Shift button to highlight multiple profiles) -> choose the page layout to use ‘FieldExpert – Account Layout’


  • Click Save
  • Under the Custom Object Layout section, change the layout for the following objects: Calendar, Location, Request, Resource, Service Type
  • For the Service object we need to assign different layouts for different profiles: ‘FieldExpert – Employee Service Layout’ for FieldExpert Employee profile.
    All the other profiles should use ‘FieldExpert – Service Layout’ layout.


  • For the Employee Absence object we need to assign different layouts for Break and for Non-Availability record types:



Enable Publisher Action (Chatter settings)

Enabling publisher action lets you add actions you’ve created to Chatter publishers on the home page, on the Chatter tab, in Chatter groups and on the record detail pages. With this setting enabled, you can also customize the order in which all actions appear, including Post, File, Link, and Poll.

  • Go to the Setup menu -> Customize -> Chatter -> Settings
  • Click Edit -> Under Actions in the Publisher select Enable Actions in the Publisher checkbox
  • Click Save


Add FieldExpert View to Mobile Navigation

In order to have the FieldExpert view in mobile devices, following steps should be performed:

  • Go to the Setup menu -> Administration Setup -> Mobile Administration -> Mobile Navigation
  • Select FieldExpert and Inventory on the ‘Available’ column and click on the Add to add them to the ‘Selected’ column
  • Move both views to be the first ones on the list
  • Click Save


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