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The Resources Gantt is located on the right side of the FieldExpert view.


1. Gantt Settings for Users

The Gantt layout can be configured by going to Options -> Gantt Settings


The available settings are:

  • Daily view hours – Set the visible hours on the Daily view timeline.

For example: If daily view hours are configured to 8AM-6PM, then when setting the Gantt resolution to Daily view, the visible times will be 8AM-6PM.


  • Filter candidates after Get Slots action – Show only resources that come up as candidates when using the Get Candidates feature.

Available options: Enabled (checked), Disabled (unchecked).

When enabled, only the available resources for scheduling will be seen on the Gantt:


When disabled, all the resources will be seen on the Gantt without any filtering:


  • Services per page – Set the maximum amount of services per page in the Service list.

Available options: 50, 75, 100, 125, 150

  • Resource row height – Set the height of the resources row in the Gantt.

Available options: XSmall, Small, Medium, Large

Example for XSmall:


Example for Large:


Note: Every change to the above configuration must be saved in order to take effect.

2. Location filtering

You can filter the locations on the Gantt by going to Options -> Location filtering


The selected locations will be loaded with the related Resources and Services.

Note: Locations without resources will be loaded with services but will not be shown on the Gantt. You will only see these services on the service list.

Show services that are unassociated with a location – by selecting this option you will see services that are unassociated with a location on the service list, and you will be able to schedule them to any of the loaded locations.


3. Skills filter

By enabling the resources skills filter, only the resources with the selected skills will be visible on the Gantt.



4. KPIs

The KPI monitors can be found on the top right side of the screen.


From left to right:

  • Total scheduled time of all loaded locations
  • Average travel time per service
  • All the Completed Services (clicking on it opens a ‘Completed Services’ report)
  • All the services with Rule Violations
  • Services In Jeopardy (clicking on it opens an ‘In Jeopardy Services’ report)


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