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FieldExpert app includes the FieldExpert tab which is the main working space for the Planner.

It contains the Services list, the resources Gantt, the Map and some additional features.


Additional Salesforce tabs exist in order to create, edit or delete objects (such as Accounts, Services, Locations etc).

It is possible to add or customize the additional tabs by pressing the “+” button.



1. The Service List

The Service list is located on the left side of the FieldExpert view and contains a list of the relevant services with ability to filter, sort and search within that list. Several actions can also be performed on selected services within the list.


More details can be found under The Service List, Filters and Actions chapter


2. Options button

The Options button is located above the Resources List and includes several settings.


The available settings are:

  • Hide service list – hides the service list and enlarges the Gantt to the entire screen. In order to show the service list again, press the 3 stripes button on the left


  • Location filtering – configuration to filter the locations seen on the Gantt. See more details under The Gantt chapter
  • Gantt Settings – configuration of the Gantt layout. See more details under The Gantt chapter
  • Open full screen – opens the FieldExpert app in full screen with 4 additional tabs to open the following objects: Services, Resources, Absences, Accounts



3. Scheduling Policy

A scheduling policy is a set of rules and objectives that are used in a scheduling operation. The scheduling policy selected here will be used when operating the FieldExpert scheduling operations, such as: Request Appointment, Get Candidates, Schedule, Optimize etc.


See more details under Scheduling Policies chapter


4. The Gantt

The Resources Gantt is located on the right side of the FieldExpert view and contains the Resource list, the Gantt for scheduling and additional features.



4.1 Resource list and filter – The Resources list is located on the left side of the Gantt


It is possible to perform a Search within the resources list


And to filter the list to display resources with selected skills only


See more details under The Gantt chapter


4.2 Alerts – Notifications view for actions performed on the Gantt (such as: Schedule, Unschedule, Delete etc.)



4.3 Lock Gantt button – Locks the services on the Gantt in order to keep the schedule without changes



4.4 Lunch Break tool – Dragging this lunch break to the Gantt will create a break for a specific resource


See more details under Handling Resource Breaks chapter


4.5 KPI Monitor – Monitors and calculates some KPIs from the Gantt (such as total scheduled time, average travel time, number of completed services etc)


See more details under The Gantt chapter


4.6 Date view and Resolution – Controls the date range that is displayed on the Gantt.

The available options are:

  • Jump to a specific date
  • Scroll one day to the left/right
  • Jump to Today
  • Gantt resolution – number of days to see on the Gantt



4.7 Location’s Time zone – Displays the time zone of each location



5. The Map

The map shows the resources’ homebases, assigned services and live positions


See more details under The Map chapter



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