A Scheduling Policy is an assembly of rules and objectives:

* Rules define what resources will be considered candidates to a specific service. – For example “Match Location rule” defines that only resources using the same location as the service will be considered for scheduling.

* Objectives define how to prioritize eligible resources as candidates for a specific service – For example “Minimize Travel” will prioritize candidates that will need less travel time to reach the service location.

* Objective weights are numerical values assigned to each objective in the scheduling policy. The higher the weight, higher precedence will be given to the objective.

Scheduling Policy is used for:

  1. Salesforce scheduling logic
  2. Appointment Booking logic
  3. Optimization request logic

The 3 preconfigured Scheduling Policies available after downloading Field Expert are:

  1.  Customer First – Focus on customer service
  2. Soft Boundaries – Same as above without location matching
  3. High Intensity – Emphasis on travel time minimization