FAQ and Troubleshooting

Inconsistency with event creation according to shifts

Salesforce calendar Events are created per the two following conditions: 1)A new shift is created with published status 2)A shift is changed from Planned to Published   If some events are not created per the two conditions, you should check the following settings: 1)Create Calendar Event on Shift Publish Setting is not checked.     […]

Make the ShiftExpert Gantt Read Only

1.    Update Profile 1.1   Setup > Manage Users > Profiles 1.2   Select the Profile you would like to edit, or clone an existing profile 1.3   Select Edit 1.4   De-Select Create, Edit, Delete under the Shift Custom Object Permissions 1.5   Update the Profile Name (if applicable) and Select Save

Data Purging

Since having large amounts of records is not recommended, limited by Salesforce and might affect performance, it is highly recommended to monitor the amount of records of any object on the org and purge the data if needed. Mainly objects which tend to have many records such as Shift or Request. This article shows how […]

Which Standard Objects are available with the ShiftExpert License?

http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/packagingGuide/Content/oem_user_license_comparison.htm   ShiftExpert can be installed as a standalone app with no need for any additional license. It comes with custom object like Shift and Timesheet, and it also allows customers to use a few standard objects per the table below:

API Integration Example – Creating Shift Objects

In this tutorial you will learn: How to create shift objects when integrating with ShiftExpert – This example uses the SOAPUI test tool to simulate the integration. Preperation : Create the wsdl.jsp.xml Go to Setup->Develop->API and click Generate to create the wsdl file that you will use to access the ShiftExpert objects from an external system. Save […]

Trigger Example – Sync Person Account with Resource Object

The following is an example of a typical Trigger used to create a new ShiftExpert Resource object when a new Person Account standard object is created:   trigger _TR01_Account_AfterInsert on Account (after insert) { Id personAccountRecordTypeId = Schema.SObjectType.Account.getRecordTypeInfosByName().get(‘Support Worker’).getRecordTypeId(); if(Test.isRunningTest()){ if(Trigger.new.get(0).RecordTypeId != personAccountRecordTypeId){ return; } } String failedString = ‘****Failed to create the following Resources […]

Global classes and methods – ShiftExpert API

ShiftExpert contains several global classes and methods that allow developers to access core features of ShiftExpert via an API. Here is the list of available classes and methods including an example you can use to get started:   1.  global static Boolean isAvailableNow(Id i_resourceId) Description : Find out if a specific resource is currently assigned to […]

ShiftExpert API FAQ’s

1. Does ShiftExpert come with an API? Yes, ShiftExpert data objects can be viewedcreatedupdateddeleted through the standard Salesforce APIs. Objects and functions can be exposed as web-services (WSDL) and can be consumed by SOAP REST calls for easy integration. For an overview on the available Salesforce APIs please browse to the following document: https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Salesforce_APIs 2. What does the API allow for […]

ShiftExpert API & Integration Guide

This guide will review the APIs that are available to enhance and integrate with ShiftExpert. o   Object Model and API calls ShiftExpert’s object model defines the ShiftExpert custom objects that are part of the managed package and the relationships between them. The ShiftExpert app runs as a managed package on top of a base package called […]

ShiftExpert Architecture

  ShiftExpert runs 100% on the Salesforce1 Platform and can be use natively without optimization services. Our secret sauce is our Optimization As A Service capabilities which are provided by a connected app that listens for Optimization requests and as a connected app, connects to your Salesforce org, pulls the data to optimize, crunches the […]

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