Getting Started

First Look at the ShiftExpert Gantt

In the ShiftExpert gantt we have a lot of features that help us to schedule shifts and manage our organization. Lets start with a quick tour of ShiftExpert gantt. This is the main view of the gantt. Shift Templates and Shift Explorer On the left side we can see the Shift Templates and Shift Explorer. This menu can […]

Schedule a Shift – Dragging From Shift Templates

On the left side of the screen you can see all the shift types you have created  in the section called ” Shift Explorer” (only 4 types are visible at one time, scroll down to see others.) To create a shift, click on a template and drag  it to the gantt and drop it on the resource you […]

Schedule a Shift – Dragging On The Gantt

Drag on the gantt from the place where you want to create the shift from the start time to the end time. The lightbox will open automatically and you can set all the shift properties. When you will edit the shift propeties, the color and size will change as well, depending on the properties.

View Rule Violation

We have assigned all the shifts for the week, and suddenly a rule violation appears. In order to check which rule is violated, you need to hover on the shift that contains the rule violation. Here you can see which rule is violated, and during which shifts.   In the next guide we will learn a few different […]

Solving Rule Violations

We can solve rule violations in a few different ways.   Sched Button  – automatically re-schedule a shift Click on the shift with the rule violation, on the left side of the screen Shift Explorer had opened. A few details about the shift are now visible, as well as few action buttons. Click the Sched […]

Gantt Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several Gantt shortcuts you can use on your own keyboard that will make it easier to use and navigate the ShiftExpert App.   Shift Explorer “P” – Publish the shift you marked “E” – Open the extended form of the shift. “S” – Schedule the shift you marked to a qualified resource “Delete” – Delete […]

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