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Add ShiftExpert Summer ’15 Permissions to New Pages

ShiftExpert Planner Profile Go to Setup Click Manage Users | Profiles Click ShiftExpert Planner (not the Edit button) Scroll down to Enabled Visualforce Page Access | Edit Add all of the following Visualforce Pages: CKSW_BASE.Vf003CreateResourceTeamPage CKSW_BASE.Vf004RemoveResourcesFromTeam CKSW_SHIFT.GridMonthlyPrinting CKSW_SHIFT.VF020_ShiftRecurrence CKSW_SHIFT.VF101_ShiftLightboxForm CKSW_SHIFT.VF102_ShiftLightboxRelatedLists CKSW_SHIFT.VF103_ResourceLightboxForm CKSW_SHIFT.VF104_ResourceRelatedLists CKSW_SHIFT.VF105_ResourceChatter CKSW_SHIFT.VF106_ShiftLightboxBreaks Click Save ShiftExpert Admin Profile Go to Setup Click Manage Users | Profiles  Click ShiftExpert Admin (not the Edit button) Scroll down to Enabled Visualforce Page […]

Create Work Rules

The work rules determine what is OK and what is not regarding shift handling ,working hours, etc. All of the above can be configured differently for each user by creating individual contracts. When clicking on the NEW button, a table of available work rules types including a description of each will appear. Go to ShiftExpert Admin App, on […]

Create Shift Types

Previous Step: How to – Create Work Rules   Go to ShiftExpert Admin App, in the  upper right corner Go to the Shift Types  Tab Click New Shift Type Name: Morning (for example) Shift Start Time: 08:00 (for example) Shift End Time: 16:00 (for example) Color: Green (for example) Click Save  or Save & New if you would like to add more Shift Types You can add […]

Create Skills

Previous Step: How to – Create Shift Types   In this step we will specify the list of skills which will be used to specify what each employee is capable of performing and also what each position/shift requires as the minimal skill set. By configuring the Match Skill rule as part of our activated working rules, […]

Create Locations

Previous Step: How to – Create Skills   Go to the ShiftExpert App, on the right upper corner Go to Location Tab Click New Location Name: London (for example) Parent Location: UK (for example) Click Save or Save & New if you would like to add more Locations You can add as many locations as apply to your business, without limits   Next Step: How to – Create […]

Create Positions

Previous Step: How to – Create Locations   In this step we will create different positions.  Positions are created under locations and are unique to that location. We will also connect the position to the skill.  This will ensure that each position contains only qualified resources with the right skill set for that location.   Go to ShiftExpert App, in […]

Create Resource Contracts

Previous Step: How to – Create Positions   In this step we will configure the resource contract, which defines the working rules and regulations of the resource. When the resource’s shift will violate the contract, a rule violation will appear. For this to be done, you will need to activate the matching work rules as explained in the Create […]

Create Resources

Previous Step: How to – Create Resource Contracts   Now we are going to create a Resource, that can also be addressed  as an employee. While creating a resource, there is an option to configure the: User, Location and Contract. The User and Location are mandatory and the Contract is optional. Any of the fields can be changed at […]

Create User Location

In order that a planner will see all the relevant records in a certain location, he must have User Location. Note: Enable Location-Based Sharing must be selected in the admin Settings tab.   Go to ShiftExpert Admin App, on the right upper corner (expand the menu) Go to User Location Tab Click New User: Shift Planner Location: USA Click Save or Save & New if you would like […]

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