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ShiftExpert Settings

General Settings Setting Description Default Value Publish History How far into the past Employees can see their published shifts 14 days Publish Horizon How far into the future Employees can see their published shifts 14 days Scheduling Policy Scheduling Policies for Smart Assign: Maximize Coverage, Fairness, Shift Preference or Overtime Maximize Coverage Shift Structure Policy […]

Outlook Calendar Sync

What is the Outlook Sync feature? With the Outlook Sync you can easily sync your shifts and absences with the Outlook calendar. This feature helps you as a manager or dispatcher send, update and delete the shifts and absences of your employees to their own personal outlook calendar, which make it easier for them to […]

Criteria Based Scheduling

Criteria Based Scheduling (Relevance Groups) Criteria based scheduling allows setting the work rules to only be relevant to a group of Resources and\or group of Shifts. For example, we might want the Maximum Consecutive Work Time rule to be relevant to all shifts except on-call shifts. To do so, follow the steps below: Create new […]

Create Profiles

Note: This is an optional step, you may choose to use profiles that already exist in your org. Before we create the profiles, you need to check which salesforce licenses you have in order to know which profile can be cloned.  You can only clone profiles that have a license, as all the privileges associated with […]

Give Every Profile the Correct Permissions

Previous Step: Configuration Guide – Create Profiles   Before we can start using the profiles we created, we need to give the correct permissions to each profile.   ShiftEmployee Profile Go to Setup Click Manage Users | Profiles Press Edit | ShiftExpert Employee In the Custom App Setting Section, select ShiftExpert ShiftExpert Admin Should be unselected In the Tab Settings | Custom […]

Setting Up ShiftExpert Users

Previous Step: Configuration Guide – Give Every Profile the Correct Permissions   After we have created and configured our profiles, we need to give every user a profile, permission set and license. Note: Every user most have a matching profile and permission set (e.g. employee profile and employee permission set), in order that layout and permissions […]

Change Layouts

Previous Step: Configuration Guide – Setting Up ShiftExpert Users   Here are a few recommended layout configuration steps which will help you set up the right layouts for the user profile (In this example the Administrator profile): Go to Setup Click Create | Objects Click Resource Scroll down until you arrive to Page Layouts | Click Page Layout Assignment | Edit Assignments Now we […]

Enable Publisher Action

Previous Step: Configuration Guide – Change Layouts   Enabling publisher action lets you add actions you’ve created to Chatter publishers on the home page, on the Chatter tab, in Chatter groups, and on record detail pages. With this setting enabled, you can also customize the order in which all actions appear, including Post, File, Link, and Poll. Go to Setup, click Customize | Chatter | Settings Click Edit […]

Activate Scheduled Jobs

Previous Step: Configuration Guide – Enable Publisher Action   The ShiftExpert App can automatically create a daily timesheet for every employee in your organization, and alert you when an employee does not clock-in for a shift. To enable this features: Go to ShiftExpert Admin App, in the upper right corner of the screen Go to Settings Tab Click Edit, to enable editing options […]

Creating an Approval Process For the Request Object (Vacation Approval)

Previous Step: Configuration Guide – Activate Scheduled Jobs   1. Creating a Queue For Request Approval Before creating an approval process for requests like vacations, we need to create a new queue. This queue will allow different people to approve the requests according to your business processes. To create the queue : Go to Setup, click Manage Users | Queues […]

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