Starting with ShiftExpert Summer ’15, we have introduced a new object to represent Employees non-availabilities or breaks. Employee Absence has taken the place of the request object and will replace it on the Gantt view. In other words – Requests will no longer be visible on the planner board.

In the new flow, whenever a request is approved it automatically creates an employee absence.

There are two types of employee absence:

  1. Non availability – Which will replace the Request object on Gantt.
  2. Break – Which will be used for employees breaks during the day.

In order to convert the existing requests to employee absences, you will need to take the following steps:

Go to ShiftExpert Admin App, on the right upper corner.

ShiftExpert Admin

  • Go to Settings Tab

  • Scroll down until you will see the section of Convert Requests.

  • Fill in the date which you want to convert the Requests from and press Convert Approved requests to Employee Absence.
  • The process is running in the background with Apex batch and may take a few minutes