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In this step we will specify the list of skills which will be used to specify what each employee is capable of performing and also what each position/shift requires as the minimal skill set.

By configuring the Match Skill rule as part of our activated working rules, we can validate that only skilled individuals will be scheduled to the right positions/shifts.

For example: If a specific position requires the technical support skill, then only employees that have the skill “Technical Support”, will be assigned to this position. If you manually schedule the shift to someone without this skill, a rule violation alert will appear.


To set up the skills list:

  • Go to ShiftExpert Admin App, in the upper right corner of the screen


  • Go to Skills Tab


  • Click New
  • Skill Name: Technical Support (for example)


  •  Click Save or Save & New if you would like to add more Skills
  • You can add as many Skills as apply, without limits


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