The work rules determine what is OK and what is not regarding shift handling ,working hours, etc.

All of the above can be configured differently for each user by creating individual contracts.

When clicking on the NEW button, a table of available work rules types including a description of each will appear.

  • Go to ShiftExpert Admin App, on the right upper corner

ShiftExpert Admin

  • Go to Work Rules Tab


  • Click New
  • Choose a rule for your usage, for the demonstration I will add Overlapping Shifts
  • Click Continue


  • Work Rule Name: Overlapping Shifts (for example)
  • Click Save or Save & New if you would like to add more Work Rules
  • You can add as many work rules as apply to your business, without limits


Note: If you choose a rule with a property picklist, you need to choose the property or the rule will not work.

Note: When configuring Max Work rule, you most choose the matching properties. e.c. CKSW_BASE__Maximum_Working_Duration__c, CKSW_BASE__Maximum_Working_Duration_Type__c, CKSW_BASE__Maximum_Working_Per_Type__c.



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