Since having large amounts of records is not recommended, limited by Salesforce and might affect performance, it is highly recommended to monitor the amount of records of any object on the org and purge the data if needed. Mainly objects which tend to have many records such as Shift or Request.

This article shows how to backup and delete shifts which ended by a specific date.

A more generic tutorials are available at website:

Exporting data from Salesforce

Deleting data in Salesforce


  1. Browse to
  2. Click Login with Salesforce.
  3. Select Production\Sandbox according to your org type and click Login.
  4. If prompted, enter your salesforce credentials.
  5. If prompted, click Allow.
  6. Click on New Task and select Export.
  7. Select Shift (CKSW_BASE__Shift__c), and click Next.
  8. Under shift select all the common fields.
  9. For each lookup field:
    1. Expand the lookup field’s section.
    2. Check the identifier field(s).
    3. e.g. for CKSW_BASE__Location__c check Location Name.
  10. Under Filters create a new filter that filters all the shifts which ended before or on the date you wish to backup.
  11. Click on the + sign next to the filter to apply it.
  12. Click
  13. Review the summary page and click Save & Run.
  14. Once the process finishes (if the page is not refreshed after a while refresh it manually), click on the link that say x successes to download the backup file.



  1. Click on New Task and select Delete.
  2. Select Shift (CKSW_BASE__Shift__c), and click Next.
  3. Drag & drop or click Upload CSV to select the file you just exported.
  4. Select (click on) Record ID and click Next.
  5. Click Save & Run.
  • This will not delete shifts that are in status Published.