In the ShiftExpert gantt we have a lot of features that help us to schedule shifts and manage our organization. Lets start with a quick tour of ShiftExpert gantt.

  • This is the main view of the gantt.

Shift Templates and Shift Explorer

On the left side we can see the Shift Templates and Shift Explorer. This menu can be collapsed by the far left button on the top bar. Tip: you can collapse the menu quickly with “-” on the keyboard.


  • Shift Templates – used by dragging the templates to the gantt and assigning shifts.
  • Shift Pattern – used by creating an “image” of shifts in a certain timeline and then dragging the shift pattern to the gantt.
  • Shift Explorer – whenever you will click on a shift, details of the shift and 4 buttons will appear:
  1. Sched – assign the shift to the most qualified resource.
  2. Edit – open the edit options of the shift.
  3. Delete – delete the shift.
  4. Publish – publish the shift to the employee.

shift pattern

Navigation Area

The right side of the top bar are the navigation buttons and the notification area.


  • If you want to jump to a certain date you use the “Jump to” button, “Today” will bring you back to today’s date.
  • The arrows are to move between days manually (you can also use thearrows buttons on the keyboard)
  • Notification will be shown in bell icon.

Tip: To jump quickly to “Today” you can press “T” on the keyboard.

View Changer

In the middle of the top bar there is an option to toggle between the two views:


  • Employee view – in this view we see the shifts from the perspective of the employees.
  • Position view – in this view we see the shifts from the perspective of the position, which mean you can see if you are missing a certain position on any day.

Tip: To toggle quickly between the views press “TAB” on the keyboard.

Shift Filtering

In the left part of the top bar, there is the filtering button:


  • After pressing the button, you will see the:
  1. Shift Filtering – mark the fields of the shifts that you would like to see.
  2. Location Filtering – only the checked locations will be shown on the gannt.


Time View

In the left part of the top bar, next to the filtering button, there is a  button to change the time view .


Tip: You can  quickly move between the time view with the 1-4 keyboard keys respectively.

 Action Menu

In the left part of the top bar, there is the action menu, which opens an option with all kinds of features.


  • After opening the menu you will be able to do these 7 features:
  1. Refresh – refreshing the gantt without refreshing the browser.
  2. New Shift – creating a new shift directly through the lightbox.
  3. New Shift Pattern – creating a new shift pattern by copying the shifts in a cretain time frame to resource/position.
  4. Validate Rules – validating the work rules.
  5. Smart Assign Shifts – optimization service that assigns the shifts smartly according to each resource contract and work rules. you can choose to which date and locations you want this action to take place.
  6. Optimize Shift Structure – Generate shifts according to demand. the created shifts will be created according to the shift types.
  7. Publish Shifts – Publish all the shifts within the date and location you choose.
  8. Bulk Action – unassigning, status changing and deleting to all the shifts in the date and location chosen.
  9. Print Weekly Shifts – print all the shifts in the week from the starting date, and the location you chose.


 Gantt Features

  • If you hover over a resource name, an information icon will appear that shows the skills associated with the resource .
  • Clicking on a resource will open the resource profile page.
  • To collapse a location, click anywhere on the location title line.
  • Double clicking on a shift will open the lightbox to edit the shift properties.
  • All the shift are drag-able, you can move them between the employees, positions easily.