Salesforce calendar Events are created per the two following conditions:

1)A new shift is created with published status

2)A shift is changed from Planned to Published


If some events are not created per the two conditions, you should check the following settings:

1)Create Calendar Event on Shift Publish Setting is not checked.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 10.27.03 AM
















2)Using different statuses and not stating in the dictionaries how that status should be considered. This will make sure that the new status will have the right functionality. For example ‘Scheduled’ should have all the functionality of ‘Planned’.

In order to define it you go to: ShiftExpert Settings > Edit > Find the Dictionaries section and edit the desired status.


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Status defintion:

Planned – Shift is tentatively scheduled

Published – Shift is published to the resource

Working – Shift is in progress

Completed – Shift is Completed

Review – Rejected by the resource and returned to the manager


Status Functionality:


1)Shift changed from planned to dispatched will create a calendar event.



1)The resource will be able to see the shift.(add sharing)

2)Mentioning the resource about the shift.

3)Shift created with dispatched status will create a calendar event.



1)Once a shift is changed to completed the resources can’t see or edit them anymore. (removing the sharing)