• On the left side of the screen you can see all the shift types you have created  in the section called ” Shift Explorer” (only 4 types are visible at one time, scroll down to see others.)

  • To create a shift, click on a template and drag  it to the gantt and drop it on the resource you would like to assign it to (in employee view)

Tip: If you click “Shift” (on the keyboard)  while you drag, it will open the light box automatically.


  • As you can see the shift has been created where it was dropped.
  • If you didn’t press shift while you dragged & dropped, you can double click on the shift to open the lightbox and edit it.

  • Here we can see all the shift properties, and edit and change them. We can also see all the suitable candidates for the shift and Chatter tab.
  • Pick a CSR for the position suitable to this resource’s skills qualification.
  • Click Save.
  • Now the shift color is clear, which mean that all the mandatory fields were filled in correctly.