Note: This is an optional step, you may choose to use profiles that already exist in your org.

Before we create the profiles, you need to check which salesforce licenses you have in order to know which profile can be cloned.  You can only clone profiles that have a license, as all the privileges associated with the profile are duplicated.


License Check

  • Click on your Name at the upper right corner of the page | Setup


  •  Go to Company Profile | Company Information


  • Scroll down to User Licenses section
  • Check which profile has more licenses (ex. Salesforce or Salesforce Platform). The one with the higher quantity is the profile we want to clone


  • In this case we will use Salesforce Platform


Create Profiles

Create 3 Profiles: Employee, Planner and Administrator.

  • Go to Setup
  • Go to Manage Users | Profiles


  • Click New
  • In Existing Profile menu chose Standard User or Standard Platform User according to the first section of the guide
  • Profile Name you can chose as you like, we recommend using ShiftExpert + specific profile name (e.g. ShiftExpert Employee)


  • Click Save
  • Repeat this process with the other 2 Profiles


Next Step: Configuration Guide – Give Every Profile the Correct Permissions